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We are proud to offer the Sentry MDU suite of mobile solutions. Sentry MDU (Multi Data Unit) is a next generation 5G / 4G-LTE communication unit and mobile camera solution.

This innovative disruptive technology uses the high-performance features available in a standard smartphone to provide a wearable computer that has real-time video transmission, GPS location, automated data upload, and remote access and control capability. Nothing else on the market comes close!

When used as a body-cam, vehicle dash-cam, security camera or a sports camera, the advanced audio/video features include real-time streaming, voice activation, object recognition (AI), remote control and more. Sentry MDU will allow simultaneous video feeds from multiple other users to display on your mobile device (Cell Phone or Tablet).

Whether you are a First Responder and use the advanced capabilities in your job (Police, Fire, Rescue), or an individual wanting a Personal BodyCam or secondary home/office/vehicle/business security camera, the Sentry MDU System will enable you to connect anywhere in the world. We think that is pretty cool.

To learn more, click here or for a Free Trial, here.
What We Do
        We develop software and hardware products that interface to mobile devices and provide remote access to real-time audio, video, and environmental sensors (Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscopic, etc.).

We design our software to use standard “off-the-shelf” mobile devices that Users can buy anywhere.

We currently develop products in the following 4 categories:
  • Sentry MDU (Multi Data Unit) Smartphone App
  • Server Software that forms the backbone of the Client-Server solution
  • Desktop Client Software that provides a User gateway to the Data Server
  • K9-Trainer and Controller suite of Hardware/Software (still in development)

More Information
Technology Overview
An overview of the Sentry MDU Client-Server technology. The features and capabilities of the
hardware and software are presented. A comparison to other body-worn camera suppliers is provided.
Applications of the Sentry MDU System
This section describes how the Sentry MDU System is used in various professions, industries and sports.
Example scenarios are provided and several of the mobile “screens” are shown to illustrate a few
of the features.
  1. Law Enforcement

  2. Search & Rescue activities

  3. Sports and Outdoor activities

  4. Assisting the elderly and disabled

The flexibility of the Sentry MDU System and the use of a common platform (cell phone) make it
ideal for a variety of applications. We list several of these below:
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Disaster Assistance Organizations (Volunteer & Agency)
  • City Park Police, College Campus Police
  • Public Works and Construction Projects
  • Emergency Medical Response (EMT, Ambulance Drivers)
  • School Security, Transportation and Classroom Monitoring
  • Private Sector Employee Safety & Security (monitor work locations)
  • Convenience Stores, Gas Stations (where employees work alone late at night)
  • Wildlife Monitoring and Critter Cams (with external or solar battery packs)
  • Drone Camera (with cellular connection, video will never be out of range)
  • Game Warden, Corp. of Engineers, State & National Parks
  • Postal Departments and Package Delivery Services
  • Corrections Officers (outside inmate work crew deployment)
  • Assistance to the Isolated, Handicap and Disabled (remote access and communications)
  • Private Companies needing to monitor work sites (pipeline crews, maintenance)
  • Sports and Outdoor activities (why buy a separate camera when this will do everything & more?)

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