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Applications in Law Enforcement

Applications of the Sentry MDU System
Much is demanded of Law Enforcement officers in the world today. You are expected to potentially put your life on the line everyday, take abuse from some of the worst of society and then help a child in need. Often the police officer is at a disadvantage because “his side” of the story does not get told ... or if told, details are left out.

The Sentry MDU System will help to level the playing field by converting an everyday cell phone into a versatile, real-time communication, video recording and GPS tracking device. It can become a “dash camera” for your car, or a high performance “body cam”, a covert videorecorder and more.

Important Note for Law Enforcement:
  • Patrol Officers and those USING the Sentry MDU Body-Worn Camera features for official police business
    • In situations where Law Enforcement personnel are using the Sentry MDU enabled
      cell phones as “body-worn cameras” we recommend that those cell phones are
      purchased by the Department and are an “issued” piece of police department
      equipment that will be used by the Officer. This maintains the chain of custody of
      evidence for data on the device. The phones are NOT the personal property of the officer.
  • All other Police Department employees
    • The Sentry MDU App should be made available to all other employees on a
      volunteer basis. The Sentry MDU App is available for FREE from the DLT
      Website and can be installed on the employees personal cell phone just as
      if they installed an App from their Credit Union, Bank or Employers Website.
      The Sentry MDU App simply allows them additional access to other employees
      and Officers in the field using a mobile device.

Situations where the Sentry MDU System can make a difference in law enforcement:
  • Complaints about inappropriate behavior
    In male to female interactions, unfounded complaints can arrise that may put blemishes on an Officer’s reputation. By recording these interactions an officer can reduce the chances of unfair allegations ruining a career.

  • Activating “real-time” video transmission during a traffic stop
    If an officer is alone and has stopped a suspicious vehicle, he may choose to activate video streaming and notify his Command Structure to monitor the traffic stop. This will provide piece of mind knowing that other Team Members are aware of the situation and can come to his aide in the event things go wrong.

  • Use during suspect search and chase situation
    In the situation where a suspect has run from the scene of a crime and officers are searching for him the Sentry MDU System can aide in the search. With some officers on foot and some in cars, each will know where the other officers are via the GPS locations on the map (in real time). In addition, some officers may choose to transmit “live” video of the search such that the coordinating Command Officer can visualize the search progress. The GPS “tracks” of each searcher can be displayed on the search grid overlay.

  • Crime scene investigation
    There can be cases when Patrol Officers respond to a 911 call (ie domestic abuse) and it ends up being a crime scene. Using the Sentry MDU System, all responding officers would have their devices “recording” video as they arrive. It may turn out that later in an investigation, the video of an officer entering a house, or interviewing a resident would turn up valuable information.

  • High speed car chase pursuit
    By using the Sentry MDU System as a “dash camera” in the car, live video can be transmitted to Command Central or other participants in the chase to make others aware of the situation as it unfolds. In addition to real-time video of the chase scene, the GPS track is also displayed on the map.

  • Crowd and riot control
    In situations of rioting, crowd control and protest demonstrations officers are generally outnumbered. Officers on the containment line can switch their Sentry MDU devices to video streaming mode, this will allow Supervisory Command to have a street level view of events as they unfold. There will be a video record of provocations, assaults on officers and any proportional response. In addition, the Supervising Officer can remotely activate videorecording on any Officer’s cell phone to view areas of the front lines that need monitoring.

  • GPS location of all officers on patrol
    Although most departments can locate their Patrol Cars via GPS tracking, once an officer is out of his car, he is invisible. In the Sentry MDU System, all officers will be carrying their cell phone. This will allow Dispatchers and other officers to know where all other patrol officers are at any time. Whether it is a foot pursuit or a hostage perimeter around a house or on a school campus ... it is possible for all officers to know where THEY are and for Department Command to know where all of the resources are located.

  • Foot, Bicycle, Motorcycle and Horse Patrols
    The Sentry MDU System will allow officers on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or mounted patrols to have a “dash cam” of sorts. All officers can be located via GPS coordinates and have the ability to transmit “live” video of the situation around them.

  • Security at large outdoor event venues
    During large outdoor social events, security is often provided by local law enforcement. The Sentry MDU System will allow the monitoring of all officer locations (via GPS) and in the event of an incident the Supervising Officer can redeploy officers to other locations. If needed, the videorecorder feature of any Officer’s cell phone may be remotely activated to record the incident.

  • Covert videorecording and/or listening device
    Since the Sentry MDU System uses a simple “cell phone” as the hardware platform this opens up many possible uses for the device in covert investigation activities. The videorecording and listening features of the device can be turned on-off remotely. This remote control feature can be initiated from the Desktop Client or another Officer’s cell phone. With available supplementary battery packs for a cell phone this feature could enable the device to be installed for extended periods in locations to perform surveillance on suspects or other illegal activity (where people or a vehicle would be too noticable). Several devices could be installed and all activated remotely with the video feeds viewed on the Sentry MDU Desktop Client and/or other Officer’s cell phones.

  • Motion Detection & Object Recognition (AI)
    The Sentry MDU System includes standard Motion Detection features in addition to “Object Recognition” driven by an Artificial Intelligence engine. In stand-alone surveillance applications the mobile device can detect 20 categories of objects, including people, animals, vehicles, etc. When triggered, the system will send designated Users a notification “alert” with an attached picture of the event.
The following picture illustrates how “live” video gets transmitted from officers out in the field back to the Central Command (or Dispatcher). In addition, it shows that OTHER officers on the network also have the ability to view the video if necessary.


Features of the Sentry MDU System
The Sentry MDU System starts with a cell phone (smartphone) or Tablet device. The only requirement of the Sentry System is that the mobile device uses Android OS Version 5.1+. In practical terms any Android cell phone manufactured within the last few years should work just fine. Obviously, newer cell phones will have higher performance than older devices.

The Sentry MDU system is NOT a single purpose body worn camera. It is a fully integrated communication device that happens to use a cell phone platform as the hardware.

Feature Summary of the Sentry MDU smartphone application
  • Standard Android cell phone used as hardware platform, available everywhere
  • Cellular 4G-LTE, 5G and WiFi network coverage as needed (also standalone mode)
  • Real-time video streaming to Command Center and other users on the network
  • Remote access to device. Audio and video recording can be remotely activated.
  • 32GB, 64GB or 128GB available internal storage + 256GB SD-Card storage
  • 12 - 20Mpixel camera picture capability
  • Ability to take and “edit” pictures on the device and then send to others
  • 1080HD, 720, 640, 480 video resolution
  • 4 - 5 inch, AMOLED high resolution screen
  • GPS capability, location of other Users on satellite view maps
  • Motion Detection and Object Recognition (AI) features when used as a surveillance camera
  • Automated upload of data as scheduled by User (no docking bay required)
  • Recording activation by Tap Command, Voice, Manually and Remote User
  • Dust proof and water resistant with available cases
  • Rechargable Battery (external battery packs available)
  • Can function as Body Worn Camera, Car Dash Camera or Drone/UAV camera (with available mounts)
  • Advanced Text Messaging features (separate from cell phone messaging App)
  • Monitor Environmental Sensors
  • Content on the device can be shared with other Users via 4G-LTE and Wifi
  • Data encryption is an available feature
  • The “bookmarks” feature allows the bookmarking of online websites, other Users and Content
  • Two-way video phone capability
  • Software App updates delivered via DLT Website

The Sentry Manager screen (Desktop Client)
Below is an example of the Sentry Manager display on a Desktop Computer.
  • Main Map screen of the Sentry Manager (Satellite View)
  • Shows “live” audio/video panel overlays on screen
  • Can run on a Laptop in a “mobile” Command Center

Mounting and/or wearing the cell phone
Since the Sentry MDU System starts with a cell phone it is simply a matter of deciding how a User wants to mount or wear the device. Cell phones come in all sizes. Some will fit easily in a pocket and some will not. Below we offer several suggestions. The one that works best for you will generally come down to personal choice.

Possible ways to mount and wear the cell phone
  • Easiest - Simply slip the phone into the front pocket of your uniform
  • Use one of the many “clip” type phone cases
  • Alter the front pocket of your Police uniform to accommodate the phone (more hidden solution). Have a tailor cut a hole in the front of the pocket (for camera lense), use a button hole stitch to make it look “finished” and you are ready to go.
  • Design a cloth phone pouch that will attach to the uniform by safety pins. Then you can put it anywhere on the uniform you want. Make sure the phone pouch has a hole in the front for the camera lense to show through.
  • Come up with other options on your own. It is not rocket science. Come up with a good idea, patent it, and make a million bucks.


A few Sentry MDU App screen examples
Below are a few examples of the Sentry MDU display on a mobile device (cell phone).
  • Main Map screen of the Sentry MDU App
  • Playback of video history
  • Sentry MDU as an automobile dash camera
  • Image Editing Tools




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