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The SentryMDU App is NOT available on Google Play. Google Policy does NOT allow mobile devices to be used in unattended surveillance applications other than home or family monitoring (strict guidelines). The SentryMDU System can function as a Police Body-Cam, Vehicle Dash-Cam, Wildlife Critter-Cam and more. The advanced features allow for remote monitoring and GPS Tracking for groups of Users within a Security Domain (ie a Police Department). Google Policy does not allow Apps to have these features (at least that is what they told us), therefore, we are not on Google Play. As Enterprise Grade Software you must download the App directly from our website. It is free to download and use.

The Button below will transfer you to the SentryMDU Administrative Server.
This is where you will download the SentryMDU App File.
  • Review the SentryMDU QuickStart Guide
    For the best user experience, review the installation and configuration
    steps listed in the Guide. You will be glad you did.
    The documentation is available in the Document Download section.
  • Transfer to the Administrative Server
    Click the “Continue to Download” green button below. You will be re-directed
    to the Admin Server for the download (https://sentrymdu01.sentrymdu.com).
  • Select the SentryMDU Android App Button again
    Once at the Admin Server homepage, click on the SentryMDU Android App Download
    Button again to access the App file for downloading. You will access two
    screens sized for a mobile device before you get to the final download screen.
    SentryMDY Download
  • Download the SentryMDU.apk file to your device
    Only download files from the SentryMDU Admin Server over a secure
    connection (the default is https://sentrymdu01.sentrymdu.com).
  • After download, click to launch the file
    In most cases the file will be stored in your Download Folder.
    Navigate to the Download Folder on your mobile device.
    The file should be about 60MB. Since the file is NOT from the
    Google Play store, it will give you a warning about “Unknown Sources”.
    Accept the file and continue with installation.
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