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Free Trial Offer for the Sentry MDU System - Try before you Buy!
For those that are considering the purchase of Body-Worn Cameras we are offering a unique opportunity where you can try the Sentry MDU System before you make a purchase decision.

We feel that all conventional Body Worn Cameras are about the same. Certainly there are minor differences in size, location of controls, field of view and so on ... but for the most part, all of them will function well as Body Worn Cameras. If you want the comfort of a single purpose device we feel that any of the existing cameras will work for you.

However, for those departments that would like something more robust, a further leap in technology, we would suggest that the Sentry MDU (Multi-Data Unit) System will provide you considerably MORE Capability, Usability and Deployability at a significant cost savings. With 4G-LTE cellular and 802.11 b/g/n Wifi capability, the Sentry MDU device will provide unparalleled performance.

Obviously, we would like to sell you a Sentry MDU System. But more importantly, we want you to know what you are getting, understand the capability and get a chance to try it out ... only then will you be a satisfied customer.

Here is how the Program Works
  • Request a FREE TRIAL information pack
    Call us or send us an email describing your Department/Agency or Business. Include the total number of potential Users (ie 5-5000).

  • We will set up a time to call and talk with you
    We will schedule a phone call where we can discuss your situation, your planned use of the Sentry MDU System and “when” you would like to get started. We will discuss an appropriate length of time for the Free Trial (ie 30, 45, 60 days).

  • The Free Trial is free, but the training is not
    Before we let you loose we will need to train you on the use of the Sentry MDU System. The training is not free. This required introductory training is a 3-day class and costs $ 500 USD per person. The training is both classroom and field demonstration. The training is held in the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma USA (just north of Tulsa) so you will also have travel and hotel expenses that you will need to pay. Class sizes are generally limited to 12-15 people. First come, first serve.

  • You will need to commit to a training class
    Before we will make our software available to you for testing, we will need to train you on how to use it. We insist on training “at least” three (3) people from your department. We use the “Train-the-Trainer” concept in that we expect the people that get sent to the training will train others on use of the Sentry MDU System. In Law Enforcement, we generally like to train at least one Patrol Officer, one Supervisor (who will be using the Sentry Manager Desktop) and one IT Person (Technical Support type person). The software is not difficult to use, but it is comprehensive with many available features and configuration settings. You will need to understand these in order that we may set up your department for the correct network settings, security access rights and permissions (who has access to what).

  • The components of the Sentry MDU System software
    The Sentry MDU System is comprised of 3 pieces of software
    1. Mobile Device - Sentry MDU smartphone App, available on the DLT Website.
    2. Desktop Client - Sentry Manager, Client Application
    3. Data Server - Sentry MDU Server Application

    Because this is a “Free Trial” we do NOT install the Data Server software on a Customer’s premises. We will HOST the server in the DLT data center.

  • Select those people that will be participating in the Trial
    The only requirement is that the people selected to participate must have an Android cell phone (see additional specs).

  • Nothing to BUY to start the testing
    The people participating in the trial each have their own Android cell phones. They download and install the Sentry MDU App from the DLT Website (it is free). DLT will provide the Sentry Manager Client software for the Desktop Clients. DLT will configure the Sentry Data Server for your department and personnel. You are now ready to go.

  • Quick Implementation
    Once the training is complete ... the software download, installation and configuration generally takes less than a day. A department can be up and running in no time!
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